Blessed are the Parents…

(I wrote this for the parents at my parish, but I bet it’s true for yours, too)

Blessed are the parents who are full of sorrow because they’ve had to take their kids out of religious education classes for whatever reason. They will be comforted. (And they will be back.)

Blessed are the parents (and non-parents and grandparents) who help out at R.E. classes after a long day of work. They shall be given rest (and a back rub from Jesus himself).

Blessed is the mom (she knows who she is) who kept her son at R.E. class even though he was late for his baseball game and put at the bottom of the batting order. She (and her son, but possibly not that baseball coach) will be greatly rewarded.

Blessed are the parents who understand that most catechists are volunteers but ALL catechists are human beings. They will be given love when they need it most.

Blessed are the parents who, when picking up their children early from an R.E. class, get out of their cars and go into the church to get them, rather than making their children–even the older ones–cross a busy parking lot (and at our parish currently, a construction site), in the dark. They will be granted peace of mind.

Blessed are the parents who honestly and lovingly admit it when they didn’t read the parish bulletin or the e-mails or the letters from church. They will be granted time to get everything done someday. Really, they will.

Blessed are the parents who continue learning about their faith along with their children. They will see the face of God in their children, and their children’s children.



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