A Prayer for Everyone Affected by Sandy

The folks at Twenty-Third Publications sent the following  beautiful prayer to those on their mailing list. They gave me permission to reprint it here for you.

As we hear of another storm threatening the East Coast, it’s good to pray with our families.

Prayer for those caught in the Storm

Oh God, Creator of earth and sea and sky,
we pray together today for our sisters and brothers
who have endured this storm
and especially for those we have lost.
Give us endurance and strength and help when needed.
We know that you remain with us
in every moment of our lives.
Lord, increase our faith now
and let it guide us in these difficult days.
Protect the safety of police officers & firefighters,
ambulance crews & medical personnel,
and those who are restoring our power & other services.
Help us focus on what is good in the human spirit
and thank you for all those who have stepped forward
to help others.
May even this become a moment of grace for us all.
We make this prayer through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Reprinted with permission from Twenty-Third Publications, New London, CT



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